⚠️Plagiarism and Impersonation on Hopscotch⚠️


Ban Plagiarism and Impersonation!

Hey guys. A lot of people on Hopscotch remix projects. Sometimes the project says to remix it to show off work. Sometimes they remix art. Those types of remixing are fine! I do it all the time!

But there is another type. The real type of plagiarism. That's when someone remixes a super cool project and says they did it themselves. That's lying and it means you are taking credit for something you didn't do.

This makes people see you as untrustworthy. This is the same case for impersonation.

People will say they are someone else when they aren't. They could publish projects with embarrassing or offensive content. This could humiliate the person being impersonated.

Please help Hopscotchers stop the spread of impersonation and plagiarism.

This is a link to a real example of impersonation.

I hope this helps you find the importance of these being banned!


Well, unfortunately, there's no real way of banning plagiarism on Hopscotch, as anyone could branch your project and put their name on it. But if you see a plagiarized project, just report it by clicking on the three dots, clicking report and reporting it as mean :slight_smile:

And it's the same thing as impersonation. Because there's no "report user" button, Liza told me in an email to either send an email to gethopscotch.com about the account, or report all of their projects as mean :slight_smile:


I like this topic and I totally agree. Plagiarising is bad and makes you look like you have no real skill


I agree with you, that is not okay! Report the projects and email THT! That is what you can do, because the hopscotch team can´t see and remove everything mean and bad. An idea that I have is that the "active" users that have hopscotched for longer than a year could report projects, and they will be hidden until THT has looked at it, and either unblocked or blocked the project. It will work like Regulars on the forum.


I agree. This person published a project with absolutely no credit.
@BB-Box and me worked very hard on it.(Or is it me and BB-Box)?


BB-Box and I, to be exact. But yeah, just report the plagiarized as mean! A mod will see it and delete that plagiarized project :slight_smile:


Yeah, this is just really bad! Plagiarizing can be really dangerous and the consequences could be disastrous!


@Rawrbear @MobCraft @TheRealBlah @William04GamerA
There is no specific project. It's a whole account!!! Check out my topic "@FoodDelivery's Impersonator!"


I edited my previous post. :smiley:


Report all projects, and email THT (what @Rawrbear said)


That happend to me once

So I made this topic http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/there-should-be-an-option-to-report-a-project-for-stealing-credit/21610

I think there should be an option to report a project for stealing credit!




What's wrong @TheRainbowChicken? If there is another topic like this then I'm sorry! :disappointed:


There's a topic about this already, but it's okay! ;D
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I know. That happens a lot :persevere:


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