Plagiarism Account?!



There is an account that just recently pretended to have made two of my projects. I was very angry, and looked at his/her profile. Turns out, I wasn't the only victim. MagmaPOP and many others' games were on his profile... All with a "A Game by ------". Is there a way to ban this person?


I don't think they are bad enough for getting banned :wink:.


What does plagiarism mean? Copying stuff?


Yes, taking stuff without permission And saying you did it.




Oh. Okay, I just really think
hmmm how do i say this...
It's just really upsetting, I guess! But thank you :yum:


Who was it?-SkydivingWalnut


If they were remixes, then oh boy, I am mad. I got a project stolen from me today by Crazy🙃, and it was a remix. 15 likes were stolen from me. :confused:


EshAni. I feel bad giving it out, but really....


I've had a few 'stolen' projects...but now I'm just like "srsly bro"


Yup! They were all remixes. Every single one. It's really upsetting, and he isn't the first one to pretend to have made one of my projects. And recently I released a teaser, and then someone posted exactly what I was gonna do. ;-; le sad


Yep. Best line 2016. "But now I'm like 'srsly bro'." -CreativeCoder 2016


That's sad ;-;


Where u get teh pixel gifs
off topic but i has to know


An app called kawaii keyboard

The app picture has a cat on it,