PIXpad! Stage: In progress!


People have made pixel art pads with square pixel art, but I'm going making a smooth pixel art pad! It's in progress right now! This is the official topic for it!

PIXpad! Official topic!

Cool! How do you mean "smooth"?


Like @SmilingSnowflakes way of pixel art! Instead of square pixels, the smooth pixels, like in my recent pixel arts!


Oh you mean without doing "Move forward, turn…" things?



Yah, like @smishsmash's pug pixel art!



This sounds amazing! Good luck!


Sounds cool. How will you make a pad out of that? Sounds complexicated




Your welcome! :D

I haven't been in the forum a lot today XD ;-;
Coding a game on da iPhone right now :D


Idk, I have a pretty good idea..

When you tap "pink" for example, it will draw a pixel at the cursors position!

Or should I have arrows that you press to move the cursor?

  • Press arrows to move the cursor left, right, up, and down!
  • Use finger to move cursor! (Cursor following finger)



Arrows may make it more accurate and stuff so you don't get overlaying pixels


Are you using square clones, or actual trails? Cool idea!


The game in its earliest stages:


Currently, you can only move it with your finger, but I'm going to do it so you can use arrows and move it with your finger!

Anyone can test this and give feedback!

People who I would love to test this:


You guys don't have to, but I would love if you can!


Actual trails! Check the post above this for the link of the game!


Can I test it too?


Yes! Anyone could! Thanks!


I cant play it you have to keep it published :D I think!;-;


I'm happy to test it!


The link doesn't work!


Hold on, I'll fix it guys!

@smishsmash and hermione