PIXpad! Official topic!


The first version was featured!

This from now on will be were I put everything about my PIXpad. Feel free to give feedback, and post what you made with the PIXpad! I will update this top post with all the things about PIXpad. The versions will be in drop down folders to keep this post organized.

In progress!

Before I made this, I used this topic to get feedback and for people to give me ideas!

FIRST VERSION IS OUT! (Current version!)
First version (current version) info!

First version:


I worked so hard on This! I used lots of

Check if


Set value

Blocks to make it so that you can't move the cursor while it's drawing and you can't pick another color while its drawing. I worked so incredibly hard on this and my goal is to get it featured!

Important quotes and things I have said

Things I have said and replied to people that are important:

How I got the idea for the PIXpad:

What I'm adding in version two:


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I did nominate it for featured:

Please also give feedback!

When I make a new update, I will make a post just like this with all the info, and link to the new update.

Nominations for Featured!

That is AWESOME!!! Maybe you should add more colors or an HSB option?


Thank you!

This is the first version! I plan to try and make a HSB color picker for pixels in the future! Thanks!


Awesome! I could actually make pixel art with that!


Yah! I got the inspiration to make it because I couldn't find a good website or app to draw up plans for pixel arts. I might use this to draw up basic outlines of my pixel arts now!


Great job! This is so cool! Maybe instead of having words, have squares (like this: ■) or some other icon you tap like on drawing pads to chose your color. It'll take up less space. :smiley: Also, you might want to make the arrows a little bigger, because on my iPhone it was a little hard to control the cursor.

This is awesome!! :+1:


I might do that too! Your PIXPad is so useful!


Thank you!

In the next update I plan to add:
- A HSB color picker
- Make the color words shapes
- And I think I might add a iPhone mode, that makes the cursor bigger and easier to use on iPhone.

Thank you everyone!


It's awesome! I think Inty's idea is güd too!

I'll check it out more on my iPad so tag me in about 6 hours


Thank you so much!


No prob Fren! :wink:

Mass tag list, please give feedback! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



You should try making it so that once you are done drawing the pixel, your cursor goes back to where it was originally.


Good idea! I might add that, but there are so many other things i need to add first!


Emoji broke ;-;

And you tagged me lol




Pix pad? :0



Much :joy:

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:




Much :0!!!!!