Pixelton- a coming-soon game!



Hey guys, today I'll show you a seek-peek of my upcoming game called..... well... Pixelton! (The reason it's called that is because it has lots of pixels!)

I hope you're excited when it finally comes out! (The point of the game is a secret :stuck_out_tongue: )


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Can I play beta? Also what's it about?


I'm really sorry, but I can not have any beta testers because it's too risky to give my password :disappointed:


Okay, what's it about


Well, it's about how you need to tap the screen to cover the pixels, and there is also a score counting as well, and maybe I can try to even add a pause button.


@Ihasfluffycupcakes The method for beta testing we used on Tunnels of Terror was:

1) Publish it and tell the beta testers on forum (make sure they're currently on forum)
2) Have the beta testers save it to drafts and tell you on forum when they saved it
3) Unpublish it when all beta testers got it

It's really easy :wink:


Yeah, that's true! I would like, but I ran out of likes, so here :heart:


Yea, but that's my decision. No beta testers for the game.


Ok, your choice. Just telling you so you know for the future..


But still, what's the game about


You cover up pixels with stuff!!!


Weird. The square thing is not working.

But when I tap the screen, it does leave a white square on it, but then I tap somewhere else, the square just teleports there instead of making another clone! WHAT DO I DO?????


It's because when the rule is in the character's normal rules (ex. move forward 3), all clones do that. Try having the Set Position in the When character is cloned, make the clone rule.