Pixel Texture Pack



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How do people get these characters?


@benny29 I copied them from the first post of this topic and pasted them in Notes (an Apple app). █ ╱


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This is awesome!!! Thanks so much for making this @CreationsOfaNoob :blush:

Don't know how I hadn't see this before I only just found out when @NindroidGames linked to this :stuck_out_tongue:


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I like this kind of concept, i'm actually working on a new topic like this right now


I'm "bumping" this and adding to it, so it's slightly easier to understand.

Or just make them in it. In pages, it doesn't work when centered.

I just use a keyboard shortcut, but copy and paste when it's more efficient
.. .
That should work.


@BB-box, here is where the pack is.


Ok, I saw this before.


The spaces that have equal length to the squares used in text pixelart can be found in the link in the first post.

When using spaces instead of Unicode slashes, you will need to have a dot in each end of every line in order for the lines to align properly, like this:

.         .
.         .
.         .

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I tried to make some new text art testes and then it all got deleted. There was just a tract object with no code.


How many squares/spaces can you have at each line?


That's weird :thinking:


15 I believe


But I anyways didn't really make anything.



When you're spam.ming to much


Do you have anything I could try to make in text art?


I got a pretty good game idea with a text art object in it. I'm trying to do that now.


@BB-Box what type of text art should I do??


What do you mean?