Pixel Texture Pack



This is a "pack" with stuff that will help you create pixel textures using a technique that was first invented by MagmaPOP.

"Historical Info"

You might have seen MagmaPOP's or my projects using pixelart made out of text (like the game SHOOT!), looking like this:

MagmaPOP made them using two Unicode characters, one to represent a pixel, and one to represent a gap (█ and ╱).
But, as you know, when you press enter, there's a little gap between the rows. To fix this, he used two objects for each color of a texture, one of them positioned a little bit higher than the other, just enough to cover the space between two rows.

When I started using this technique, I first did exactly as Mp (MagmaPOP). Then, I started using spaces instead of lines. But by using these spaces you get by tapping the space key on a keyboard, you can't get the exact lenght of a █. So I started searching after an invisible Unicode character that was be the exact width of one of these rectangles, and compatible with Hopscotch, and eventually I found one (or, I searched for a couple of minutes until I found one...)


It isn't that easy to make these textures. You have to, in each text row, put a dot or some character at the start and the end to prevent Hopscotch from moving the text row more to the left or the right.

Use a keyboard shortcut to the Unicode characters to easily access them.

It's also a good idea to save your textures in for example Notes so that you have a backup if something bad happens. For example, entering a Set text block after you have made the texture in there makes the texture very messy and hard to edit.

If you want to make pixelated text, make the text pointing downwards, like this:

You might need a reference picture or something similar to make good textures, or at least plan how you want it to look.

To easily build textures, use the "empty texture" in the next drop down folder and copy the rectangle. Then, press the text until the magnifying glass appears, move it to the place where you want a visible "pixel", tap backspace and then tap on this little symbol on the keyboard: to easily paste a rectangle there.

Stuff you need for the textures

Here are all the Unicode characters you need.



(It's invisible, but you can just select it and copy it)

Empty texture:
. .
. .
. .
. .
. .
. .
. .
. .
. .
. .
This is 10 rows of "invisible pixels", as wide as it can be in a text object in Hopscotch.

Edit: WARNING: The spaces turned into normal spaces! Copy the space called U+3000 from this link instead!

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Great topic!

This is really cool! :D

Pokemon Gen 1: Remake?

AWSEME! Thank you! This will help meny peeps!


Omhkkhyuiivasg I was dy.ing for someone to make this! Thxs so much!


I don't understand really anything you're saying (Because I'm to lazy to read it) but sounds and looks cool!


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This is a really awesome tutorial!

It's super helpful and informative! :D


Thank you! I've been trying to figure out how to do this!


This is awesome!!
Although, what do I copy from the website?


The space called "U+3000"

It should say "U+3000", and to the right it'll have the space marked off by two things (in between foo and bar).


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It wasnt flagged.
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Instead of using i use the keyboard shortcuts for example if i type :sq it will transform into █ .Isnt that cool?


Sorry if my taking image is Massive.Apologies.


No problem :sweat_smile:
Thanks for replying :D


It's sideways because of the max amount of characters per line on Hopscotch.


Wow, it took me half an hour just to do black. XD I'm making a game right now (you can probably guess what game it is :p) using this pixel texture.


Wow, that looks really good! Can I come with a suggestion?


Thank you! Yeah, of course, suggestions are welcome!


It might look a little "outstretched" due to the fact that there's a bigger space between lines than characters, and if you find that an issue, you can try to shorten it down a little.


I think your name should be CreationsOfaPro :stuck_out_tongue: