Pixel Guess (Filler)


Pixel Guess

I (a very long time ago) announced an idea for a new project of mine, Pixel Guess.

In this game, there is a blank screen. Slowly, pixels will appear along with letters of what the pixel art is of. You have to guess what it is and then see if you're right by waiting for all pixels and letters to appear.

I wanted 50+ Pixel Arts to be able to come up. I know this will cause me to lag hardcor.e when creating this game, but I know people would like it.

I said people would be able to give me pixel arts for me to put in. I had requirements and I have made another list. I'm very close to starting actual development of this game.
To learn about entering a pixel art, look in the drop down thingies below.

Requirements For Pixel Art

The pixel art must be at the most a 14 by 20. (14 rows, 20 columns)
Any backgrounds (sky, grass, ect) won't be used in the art, only the main part of the art. So please don't put in a background.
Must be appropriate. Nothing inapropriete. (Obviously)
Your pixel art must be identifiable on what it is. (You can test it by showing it to a friend without telling them what it is and see if they can guess what it is)
It must be something that everyone will know. (Say, not everyone plays Minecraft so nothing Minecraft related, ect.)

If the pixel art doesn't obey these requirements, I will remove it from my list and will tell you that it has been removed.

How To Enter Your Pixel Art

Once you've checked that your pixel art obeys all requirements, you can add your art.
You need to make the pixel art in a project and publish it. Copy the link.
I will have a list that has global edit on in which you edit and put in your link, Forum AND Hopscotch username, and what your pixel art is of.
Done! Easy as that. If there is something I don't like about the art, I will take it off the list and tell you so you can improve it and ask me if it's better.

List Link


@Intellection74 or @Gilbert189 or @PopTart0219 or @Kiwicute2016

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Hoppertoscotch doesn't have Regular so I did it.

Pixel Art List

Put your Forum And Hopscotch name, what your pixel art is of, and your link here.
Nerd4Ever™(HS), Nerd4Ever (HSF), an Emoji - https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y6innsjao


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If we add our pixel arts, will we get credit for them, or no?


and here is a link to the specific post with the list so people don't have to search



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