Pixel art, using squares and clones



hello, i’m working on making pixel art. it’ll use clones and squares, with the set color block, to make it work. i’m thinking about also making a tutorial for it, when it’s done.
here’s a picture of the pixel art right now:

i also have a reference image placed so that i can see it while i’m editing code.
here’s a pic of the code…

i’m dividing it up into smaller sections, so i can get around the code easier.


coding w/ reference image.


Isn’t that the character from that game where you can switch between 2D and 3D?


yeah. it’s called fez, it’s a pretty cool game.


anyways, i’m done! this was actually pretty simple.
i’m planning to do more in the future.


Other than being faster than normal pixel arts, is it faster to make?


i don’t know, probably…
i made this all in less than one day, so i think so.
this is the first pixel art i’ve actually made…


That’s a really cool pixel art!



currently working on these 2 things next.


next one’s out!


Your pixel arts are really really really cool!!!


how i make the colors is that each r, g, or b value is assigned a variable. when it clones, it sets the clone color to the r, g, and b values selected. i use a handy app for actually getting the colors from the image.


im pretty sure this has been done before


oh well… i don’t really care, i coded it 100% by myself.


Your making Soo many good projects!


now make it calc its pos based of a center sprite every frame so that if you move the crnter square the whole thing moves (shouldnt be too hard)

  • continue my pixel art
  • do more innovative projects

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what should i do?


I really like that way of thinking! Keep up the good work.


Wow! It looks amazing so far! Could you tag me when you have published it?

Edit: I just noticed that it was published and it’s really cool!


@William04GamerA p u b l i s h e d