Pixel art tip! Code like a pro!



If you have a newer iPad you can use this tip!
Normally when I do my pixel art, I use a photo for a reference! But I get really annoyed how u always have to keep on exiting out of the app to look at the picture in my camera roll! This tip makes it easier to look at the photo.
You must have the update from like October on your iPad
First you swipe left on your screen to see this

Then click camera roll and choose your image

Now go on hopscotch and code and look!

A new. BIG. Pixel art! FINISHED! 😃

So what exactly does this do..? I don't get the point of this :sweat_smile:


Well it saves you time! Instead of exiting the app every time you need to look at the picture you can just swipe to the left and look at it!


Its supposed to help you when you're doing pixel art so you don't have to keep switching between your camera roll and Hopscotch.


I think @DancingLollipop is trying to show us that instead of exiting the Hopscotch app to find the pixel art code over and over again, you can just swipe left on your screen! You don't have to go to your photos or the internet and switch back to Hopscotch over and over again to decide whether the pixel code should go left, right or down.


I don't have iOS 9.2 but I have 9.1.


Shouldn't you be able to do it?


Yeah, @friendship2468, Multitasking is in any version of iOS 9! :wink:


I can't do it. How? I NEED HALP!


Wait what type of iPad do you have?


I dunno! How do I find out?


It is only for iPad airs and air 2's.
I'm a major Apple geek


No I have a iPad mini 2 and it works


Yo people here is a pro tip! When you search up a photo, search up whatever your going to make and then put pixel grid after that. It makes it easier.