Pixel art requests!



I'm now doing pixel art requests! Just tell me your hopscotch username and what you want, then I'll try to make it!

Ones in progress:

@Dude73's dachshund, @Dude73 can you tell me your hopscotch username?

Pixel art requests

Sounds awesome, can I have a cat (with grey fur)
My username is Crazy_cake


Okay, like this cat picture of our cat I just took?

Pose kitty! It is a good picture meme.


I love it!!!!!!!! Your cat is very cute, my cat-


I :heart: Kitties! So cute! "It should be ready in about 3 days," my brother says.


Thank you:) @tankt2016


You are welcome! And the reason I didn't like the cat picture post—ran out of likes.


It is still Dude73. And thank you so much! :grinning:


Okay, I will tell my brother (the boy, he is the one doing the pixel art)!


I totally forgot! Sorry, I'll start tomorrow!


It's fine! I think I might have too, until I got this! Thx! It will be awesome, I just know it


Okay, sorry if there is another delay but I am working on the Color☆Pad, but I'll start now!