Pixel art requests! PLZZZZ!



So Title says it all! You will get a pixel art requst on HS on my pixel art account SmileyPixel!


Image of pixel art
Circle or Square {No I can't do smooth}
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Please I really want some! @OMTL @laserpais_friends (sry if u got tagged twice!)


I'll find something.
How big pixel art do you want?


Maybe kind of medium??


I'm see you can learn how to do smoth pixel art. I think there's some tutorials. If not I can tell you how to do it.


Can you tell me how to??? And give d request after!?


Um @BB-Box???????


I was taking some pics. Now I'll explain it.


First make a custom block named start position. In there you'll get your start position and a speed block. Also make a value named size and set it to the size you want.
Make three custom blocks named down, left and right.
In the down block you'll have a change y block with change y by size value x -1.
In the right block you'll have a change x by size value and right change x by size x -1.

Now you can make a custom block named for example red.
In there you'll get a draw a trail block with the width of the size value.
In the draw a trail block you'll have this code:

You can put that in a custom block if you want.


Image of pixel art: A cute cat -

If this is too much, you may find your own :wink:
Circle or Square {No I can't do smooth} Square
HS user WynterDiamond


I think that the tutorial posted by @BB-Box is really helpful, and there are a lot of other Pixel Art Tutorials both on Hopscotch and on the forum!


I am working on yours @WynterDiamond!


Sounds good! I think I'm gonna love it!


Can you do this?

Is it too hard?


I can plz fill out the form (still can't do smooth XD)


Can you do it or not?


She said that she could, but you need to fill out the form...



@WynterDiamond here is yours!
@CheckyWecky I am staring yours


Thank you so much! :grin::grin::grin:


Is it done yet?