Pixel art requests?!~ open for about forever?

Hello everyone! I'm looking for some pixel art requests! Just search me up on HS @Pixel_artsy and find my first project. I'm not new to HS, just making a new account sooo if you want a request, either remix what you want on HS or send me a pixel art link here! I'm already working on a dragon pixel art for some one on HS so I'll be busy!:heart:


Hey there! I would take one, but I’m not on hopscotch anymore! :slight_smile:


I could make it, screenshot it, and send it to you!


Ok, Sure! Can you do a landscape with mountains, grass, and clouds? Thanks!


Sure it’ll take me a couple of weeks though but I’m sure it’ll work! Will this do?

It’s the black and white pic I found


Yes! That looks great!


Hey, did you code your pro pic?
Just curious!
Great topic


I wondered that too… it looks awesome!


Nope that’s just a pic the real pixel art will take about 1-3 weeks more there’s like 44 lines ( the one I’m working on now is in color sooo…


Okay, I like your profile picture a lot though!


Literally forever later