Pixel Art Requests? (If hsb can u give hsb?)



Hello! I want to make my first pixel art, but I don't know WHAT to create. I don't have a hsb color picker so it's hard to get an exact color, so hs colors would be appreciated. (Unless you can give me hsb, that would be wonderful!)
Oh and can it have a grid?

Friendly Tag List (BuildASnowman Approved)
List for my reference:


This does not have a grid, but you can try something easy at first, then get harder as you go. Like you might try a potatoe first, then go to something harder like unicorns and dogs. :grinning:


Pics (Use whatever one you want)


Okay, but it might take a while. (I still have pen requests :sweat_smile:)


Could you do this pixel art?

Or Is that too complicated? (You don't have do it if you don't want to :wink:)


Can you make this?


I think it's a little complicated... I might be able to do it in the future, when I am better.


What's that?


Maybe I can soon enough, it's only one color and most of it skips.


I chose the second one, and I'm on the third line.....
Is this normal?
Edit: okay, I'm getting better and I'm not on the third line.


Expect it to be done around this or next week :blush:


Whoops I fixed the file :sweat_smile:
You don't need to do it if you don't want to :wink:.


Okay, but I need to sleep now.... :sleeping:
I'll finish the charmander soon and I'll work on Pusheen.


Well, we use a website called colors.findthedata.com if you want to use that. It has almost every single HSB color you can dream of! Or does it have all the HSB colors…And remember, if you're British or spell "color" like "colour", there is no "u" in the "color" part of colors.findthedata.com .


I'm not British........ I live in U.S.A......
Oh and thanks btw!
My dad won't let me download apps... :confused:


But colors.findthedata.com is a website. Just go on Safari!


I know. I said thanks cuz my dad doesn't let me download apps! I know that it's a website. :stuck_out_tongue:


You're welcome! We use it all the time. There is also an HSB color picker on Hopscotch that was a collab, but it is slow and glitchy.


I only have a few lines left! The charmander is almost done.


Lol, I just about to finish my pixel art too!