Pixel art requests for tankt2016!



I'm taking pixel art requests! But please show the picture in the reply. I'm average at pixel art. Please fill out the form below:
Forum username:
Hopscotch username:
Picture of what you want:

I will try to do it ASAP but it may take a while. I will post the link when it is done.
Mass tag list!


Poll on how you like the pixel art!

  • It's the best!
  • Great!
  • Good, could be better.
  • Average.
  • Not good, I could do better
  • Terrible, I could do way better!
  • It's the worst ever! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!


It's all free!*

*Charges could occur.


Forum username: Stick88
Hopscotch username: Stick88
Picture of what you want:
Level: shrugs


Okay! That will be hard, so it should be done in about a week.