Pixel Art Requests! :D (requests are CLOSED at the minute)



If you have any pixel art requests, put them down here! I'll do my best to finish them, as long as they aren't way to complicated. :DDDD



AwesomeNachos's Pixel Art Topic! :D

That's the old mass tag list


Are you here for a request? Or are you just telling me about the OMTL?


I'll do a request to make you happy
I'll request a... PIZZA


Please use the latest version of the OMTL. I took myself off because people were using it for all of their topics.


Please use the official mass tag list made by PT.

My name has been removed, so remember that for next time!


I did!


Did you use the official one, because I took my name off?


I think so!


No, you didn't. I took my name off a long time ago. You need to take the tag list from the original topic every time.


Hi HopedHoper! Currently working on your requests. Should be finished by tomorrow, or the day after that. :DDD


Can you do a a SunFlower please


Taking 1 more request! :00000


Is something like this okay with you?


Okay that is fine with me!


so i know you have alot of requests and im ok if u dont do mine but here!!


Ok! But first I have to finish @HopedHoper's request, and then @Sweetlina's. But don't worry! I'll do yours!


@HopedHoper? Your request is done! https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y6b27wun6