Pixel art requests?{closed}



Like it says, I'm taking pixel art requests! I haven't done one of these in a long time! To request, please provide a photo along with your hopscotch username. I will @ you when I am finished. Please be patient! Thank you! :3


Could you do this


Please? I'm RubyWolf.


I'll do the bottom one!


Thanks! @ me when it's done. Don't rush it @RenegadeBird1. I liked the bottom one better too. I'm not good at pixel art :sweat:


A smiley face!!! :blush:


Ohmygerd when and I'm going to be a regular?!?!?!?! I needs a smiley face to cheer up the anxiousness!


Sure! I'll do it after @RubyWolf1
*Congrats, @SmileyAlyssa


*Here, I'm done @RubyWolf1!

*It's on my second account, 'SapphireBird'!


Thanks so much I love it! I like what you called it!


Can you do this


Hi! My hopscotch username is Holly #Aarmau and I have a request! (Don't rush yourself):grinning:.
Can you do Bubbles, from PowerPuffGirls? -Thanks!


Hm... Can I put all three of the Powerpuff Girls in one project or do you only want Bubbles? It seemed incomplete:/


If you want, yes you can put all the Powerpuff Girls in. :slightly_smiling: