Pixel Art Requests By @Paydent12 And @Holly_Aarmau!



@Paydent12 and @Holly_Aarmau are doing pixel art requests. Do you have a link to a website that is an hsb color picker that picks the color from the pic you want?
(Can it have a grid? It would really help!)
Paydent12's Pixel Art

Holly_Aarmau's Pixel Art
(Grabbing picture)


This is the site I use. Just search the color and I'll give you a bunch of choices. Pick the one you want, and scroll down until you see HSB


Okay thanks!


I guess my work reading this is over... :sweat_smile:


BAS approved tag list





What happened to my old request??? (pusheen)


I am working on that too, do not worry.


Ok :grinning:


Holly's list for reference;
Pusheen - @Stick88


Can you take my name out? I took my name out in the most updated one, so you should copy and paste the most recent one.


Why do we get tagged every time it's a mass tag list?!


@Holly_Aarmau please take me off the tag list :wink:


Okay, I just copied it from my pen art.


You get tagged because you put your name up on the tag list and never took it off. I copied the tag list from dancing lollipop.




Yeah, we know! We still love notifications.


I remembered how to do pixel art!


No one wants to request anything? :cry:


I completely forgot how to do pixel art...
I'm sorry ;-;


It has been 5 months :sweat_smile: