Pixel Art requests-BaconStudios


Ok guys I made a pixel art request project but I want to post it on here to

I'll take small pixel art requests doesn't have to have a template... thank you for reading this


Do a pixel koala!
Or maybe a pixel watermelon!


I can try xD how small xD


I don't know...? As small as you want, I guess

Oh wait, do you want a picture to look at while you do it?


Sure! Itbwell be done maybe today





Remember not to use the omtl more than one time on a topic​:wink:


I only used it 1 time in here


Try doing a pixel art of a pineapple!:grinning::pineapple:

Also, I'm not on the OMTL anymore. I want on it for at least three months. Please use an updated version.:slight_smile:


Plz look at the new pixel art topic plz on my profile


Can u do a pickle with a mustache umm I don't care how small just that it is a pickle with a mustache


Plz use the other topic