Pixel Art (Please Help!)


Hey, I need some help with code. ;-;
Usually, I use pixel art templates with grids.

So I can count how many of each pixel I need.
But sometimes, pixel art without grids pop up. I've seen pixel arts like these on hopscotch too, and they look really neat! Here's an example of a non-gridded pixel art:
I want to code one of these, but how can you know the distance between each pixel? There's no grid so I can't measure it.
Does somebody know how to code this?
It would be great if somebody could help! :slight_smile:


Lol, this is the third pixel art topic today :joy: I might have an idea, hold on..


I kind of gridded it...

The grid doesn't line up exactly so it's not the best.. If I could find the right sized grid I could actually grid it.

This probably won't help but :blush:


I was thinking about gridding the photo too, but that wouldn't be accurate like you said. :slight_smile:
Thanks for taking the time to test it out!


They all seem to be squares so just pick a size I guess? le shrug


Well, you look for a square that stands out. That's probably one pixel. Then measure to that and maybe fit a grid to it! :slight_smile:


Oh, that's a cool idea! I might try that once I finish a project!
Thanks! :slight_smile:


Sorry this is three days late XD
I put it on a grid if you still want to use it! :D


That's so cool! How did you grid it so perfectly? I have a few pictures that I would like to grid!


I actually used an app, called Dottable! It has a lot of adds(why autocorrect ;-; ) ads and stuff, but it works great for creating your own pixel art or grinding pictures! :D


Thanks so much!


Oh, you didn't have to do that! :sweat_smile:
It was just an example, but thanks for recommending the app, I hope my dad will let me download it! :slight_smile: