Pixel art ideas?


Does anyone have ideas for pixel art for me to make?

  1. Earth globe, land and ocean areas, as viewed from at least four locations around the equator.

  2. Moon, as described above... erm.. without the oceans.

  3. The international space station.

  4. Star Wars characrers: DV, R2, BB8, anything else you fancy.

  5. A city skyline, one whose lights might be animated.

  6. Anything that you could use as a "sprite" in a shooter (consider retro video game characters).

  7. Any pattern that will seamlessly tesselate for cool backgrounds heretofore not explored (afaik) in Hopscotch.

Any winners in that list? At least i've tried... :neutral_face:


Who or what is bb8? @oio


Only the cutest mechanical thing i've seen in a long time. You simply must go look it up. :smile:


Yes it is very cute! But I can't seem to be able to find a good template that is challenging enough? Do you know of one?


Hey @AHappyCoder! If you can't find a cool template, you can search "pixel art template maker" or something like that and you can upload a picture, adjust pixel sizes, etc! I don't have a link at the moment, but you should be able to find a good one easily.

And @oio, I love the idea of a skyline with twinkling lights!


Thanks, @CreativeCoder. Nice of you to say. Get this: the crazy part is that i envisioned placing it on the surface of... Europa or maybe Titan, the nearby gas giant looming like a deity in the black sky. Erm... okay... that was random. Still, i like it. :blush:


Wow! Fancy, huh?

Also, you could maybe combine that with the globe. Imagine this: lights coming on and off of the Earth signifying night and day..okay random thoughts over