Pixel art help!



Hoi peeps! I've been struggling to make square pixel art ever since I discovered it. How? Can someone help? I've watched the video but I still don't understand. Can some kind person please explain this???


Here's a good tutorial :D
Click this!


COAN gave you really good tutorial, I recommend checking that out as well.

Really, it's just in the abilities. Instead of just drawing a dot, you need to have a loop of trails that go back and forth to make a square. Either that, or turning 90 degrees 4 times. The first method is better for sharper corners, though. :D


What I did something k


The tutorial that @CreationsOfaNoob posted is a really good one. Otherwise, if you want to talk to someone hos is good at pixel art, I recommend asking @Dylan329, @BB-Box or someone else.


Thanks guys! It really helped me :grin:


Thanks guys! Really helped me :grin: