Pixel art HELP.



iPad Mini

I was doing pixel art, and then the pixel would not show up any more. :sob:

The pixels showed up before I got the new update but now the color of the pixel and the actual pixel will not show up. My friend looked at it and nothing was wrong with my code at all!

(A pic)

<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/4/3/43c7974717891ce1b8202903cfec0490b2032784.PNG" width="666" height="500">


Can we see a screenshot of your code?



Sry cannot get it normal for some reason...


Oh wait it is normal! (You can totally tell I'm new to the forum)


Does it do that line of code when the play button is tapped?


It doesn't do anything!:disappointed_relieved:


Oh yeah

This is off topic, but I'm so sorry I'm taking so incredibly long to do your request...I've been pretty busy with life lately. I'll try to do it this weekend, maybe Sunday?


Sure! No problem! Take all the time you need (maybe forever would be too long a wait​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)!


Are you sure you gave the variable pixel size a number?
Values in Hopscotch are automatically assigned zero in the beginning.
If you didn't set pixel size to anything, the width would be zero, therefore making your pixels not show up. But I've seen another topic reporting a bug just like this too. Just make sure you've set the variable to something first.


I checked and pixel size is set to 20.


Idk what to do! It was working before but now I feel sad. It was going to be an awesome pixel art too! It was based off of LOTR too. Well, if one day I am able to get my project to work and it is on featured you will all know that I overcame the glitch! Btw if lots of things in this post are spelt wrong it is bc my spanish teacher made me turn off spell check for a quiz. As you can tell, I am really bored. Well, got any more advice for this glitch? Should I put this pixel art on hold and try another one? Bye!

This post was edited because I could not stand all the lowercase i's I had. I am very sorry I also went on a bit of a rant bc I know no one will see this! LOL 🤣