Pixel Art- Help!



I'm making a pixel art! Can someone give me the code for a pixel to move left? I'm making circular pixels if it makes a differences. I've made a few different pixel arts, and the code is the exact same for each of the left pixels. This one just doesn't seem to work! I'd rather not post a link because it's a surprise project.
Here is my code

I think it might be a glitch.


Make it times -2. :D


Oh. I feel so dum.b now. Thanks!


You're fine! :D


Wait. It still won't work.


comes into topic


Oh wait.... ;-;


Calling pixel art masters!


I'm not a pixel art master! :sweat_smile:

I can maybe help though :0


Try making it move forward by 2! :3


Your good at pixel art! Your French fries pixel art is amazing! Also, 2 didn't work either. :confused:


Thanks! :3


What is the value number of Flip.. Pixel?


It's 7!


I'm assuming the flip value is the same as the pixel size...?


That's what I was going to say XD


Yes, yes it is.


Just making sure XD

What is it doing? Not working is kind of vague.


What do you mean by that? I'm making a pixel art and it's supposed to move left.


And what is it doing instead of moving left?


Just moving down from the starting point and the rest of the pixel line doesn't appear.


1) The angle isn't changed, correct?
2) Is the left block in the draw block?

That's really weird.