Pixel Art Help Topik! ;3



The title says it all! Come here if you need help with pixel art! I know lots of hopscotchers have mastered the skill, and if YOU want to, this is the place to be! Edit your name at the bottom to be tagged every time someone needs help!
I got this idea from @EnchantedHopscotcher! Credit to her! ;u;
@PrincessBunny1 You can come here! ;D



I can't tag myself and I need help on pixel art


Okay, what specifically do you need help on? :ok_hand:
I can help you! ;D


I don't see the PENGUIN you made


I DID make it, maybe it glitched and deleted! :0


WHAT and it is not the glitch


Okay, well I DID make it! /:0


Be sure to Search Before You Post... there's a topic for this already :0


I already made a topic for this


I'm so sorry!
I didn't know!
punches face