Pixel art! Help? (Problem solved, working on pixel art now!)


Awesome! I've looked at her code before, but I'm better at learning when someone is actually teaching me! You make it sound easy!


It is easy once you know how to do it! :D

Just look at my coded pixel art for help. :D

I'm glad I helped! If you have any other questions, don't be afraid to talk!


I like the second picture! I might try to make that after I make the duck, if I understand pixel art!


That's pictures I already have made! Look at it at my profile


Oh, I thought they were off line! That's so good!


So first you want to set the position to the X and Y you want it to be!
That will be your starting point!

Then to make a pixel do:
Inside the trail block:
Change Y by 15
Change Y by -15

Then pull out another text object when your done,
Set the X position to whatever it was -15 and the Y position to whatever it was - 15 if you need to move backward or forward more just multiply 15 by how many times you need to move 15 either way :D

This is a rlly bad tutorial, I'm sorry ;-;

Pixel art help center! :D
How do you do smooth pixel art?
Pixel art help center! :D

Thank you! I will publish a new tomorrow.


Thanks so much! I'm going to try to make the duck now!


You're elcome!

It going to look amazing! :D



StupId question: I'm not sure if you said this in the tutorial, but how do I make it move down a line to start a new line?


Whatever the Y position was to start with, do that - 15
Your welcome!
That's not a stupid question tho :D




Your welcome! :D


I can explain!
Put out the starter point. Make a new thing at custom named down! In it put change y by -(your size)


I'm trying to make two black pixels for the top outline of the ducks head! It's only making one tho, am I doing something wrong?


I know what's wrong. Try my version. That's the same but faster!
If you want help at this so here is some help: below the leave a trail you need to put a move forward block with 1 in


You need to repeat it 15 times, because that's the width of your square. To make 2 pixels do:
Repeat 2
Black Ability


Oh, thanks so much!


Take the width to 1. It's much better


I'm sorry, I skipped that part ;-;
Put those 2 In a 'repeat 15 times' block :D

And set width to 1