Pixel art! Help? (Problem solved, working on pixel art now!)


I've never made pixel art before, but I really want to learn!

I want to make this:

Using square pixel art. How? Can someone help me? I've watched the video but I still don't understand. You will get TONS of credit if you help!

Pixel art help center! :D

Idk how to make square pixel art. Most people just make the pixels round.


Well if @Lazypeppermint
@Lazypeppermint @Lazypeppermint
Was still on then he could help you a lot. He made the Star wars pixel art!


I can help!
What type of squares do you want?


I can help you! @bluedogmc-official


Do y want to learn the smilingsnowflakes style pixel art or normal square pixel art?


I think there is a project that has a square pixel art heart. Just look up "square pixel art" or something. If I find it I will link it.


@smishsmash, I think I might want to learn smiling snowflakes way. Can you help me?


What type off these do you want to learn?



I'll send you some screenshots and help rn!


Thanks so much! I'm going to try to learn @SmilingSnowflakes way of pixel art and I think @smishsmash is going to help me! I eventually want to also learn square pixel art, so I'll tag you if I need help!


Here is help to a fast version of it:



I can't believe how many awesome coders are helping me!



I just made my first pixel art! :D

Here is the way I Learned:

So, I wanted to see how SmilingSnowflakes did hers on her turtle pixel art, so I looked at one square pixel of code, I then took a screen shot, copied down le code onto MY project, (make sure you know what pixel art you actually wanna make!) then make duplicates of the 1 code, (IMPORTANT MAKE SURE YOU PUT EVERY SINGLE "1" CODE BLOCK IN A CODE RULE) change the color block to the color you want, and after duplicating with diff colors for the block, line them up!
Like for the first row, I'd place 3 black code blocks down, to make the head.


Thank you!
Make sure that the times you reapeat is half of the number you change y by


Awesome! I've looked at her code before, but I'm better at learning when someone is actually teaching me! You make it sound easy!


It is easy once you know how to do it! :D

Just look at my coded pixel art for help. :D

I'm glad I helped! If you have any other questions, don't be afraid to talk!


I like the second picture! I might try to make that after I make the duck, if I understand pixel art!


That's pictures I already have made! Look at it at my profile


Oh, I thought they were off line! That's so good!