Pixel art help center! :D


Today, there has already been 3 topics about pixel art!

I made one, and so did two other people!

Instead of making a New topic for small pixel art problems, come here!

Here You can

  • give/get feedback,
  • talk about problems with pixel art
  • post pictures for others to code.
  • Post links to pixel art
  • Do pixel art related things!

If you know a lot about pixel art, tell me, I can add you to the list of helpers! (Or you can edit yourself in!)

When you have a question, you can then tag the helpers here!

Helper list:
(The rules form the mass tag list apply here, don't overuse the tag list, and only use them for questions about pixel art!)

I Need To Learn Pixel Art
Pixel Artists Please!
I need stuff to draw
Pixel Art Help and Ideas
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Need help on trail art and pixel art please
Feedback since my suspension

I can't edit, can I please add my name!


Oh sry, I didn't turn on global edit! I will add you tho!


I have added me ! Can I do this to ?


Yah sure!


Here is a pixel art in working on:

Based off of this pic:

Thanks to @smishsmash's awesome tutorial!


There is something wrong with line 7. The neck is a bit off, but I love it overall!


Yah, I noticed that. Do you know what I'm doing wrong? I'll get the link to it in a minute!


For anybody wondering or in need of a tutorial, here's a amazing one:


@AwesomeNachos, here's the link:


Any help would be great! I'll give you credit!


The problem is that, when using @SmilingSnowflakes awesome pixels, every thing has to be a multiple of 15. I saw your move forward block, and it said move forward 40. But 40 isn't a multiple of 15, so the result is, the neck is a bit off.


Oh, thanks! Hmmm... What could I change 40 to? Gtg figure it out!


Change it to 45. :DDDDDDD


Thanks! Lol I'm so bad at math...


Or 30.


No problem, friend! :DDDDDDDD


45 worked! It looks so much better now!




Good idea to make this :wink:


Thank you so much!