Pixel Art Help and Ideas


I have no idea what is up with the pixel art and how they do it
Any Help? Thanks!


I can help you!!!!!!!!


Thanks, so I know a lot about coding but I don't fully get the "line to line" stuff if you know what I mean


Idea! For a beginner, start easy. Try something like a happy face or a star.


Thx, but do you know more into the coding


I'll be back in a bit, THX


I don't have HS anymore, sowy.


Welcome @UnderagedCoder1!
Tag me anytime you want help! Just type "@KVJ"!

I can help with Pixel Art!

Or check out this cool topic where you can talk about, ask for help in and share pixel arts!


There's a pixel art video, I'm pretty sure on THT's YouTube channel. The blocks look a little different, and so does the editor, but the concepts and block names and the category the blocks are in are still the same!
You could also look at other pixel art's code and pick it apart to understand it!


My profile is Lisa1045​:tiger: On hopscotch I can start a project on pixel art!


Yeah, I follow a lot of people because I want to learn how to do stuff
(Including you cause you're a good hopscotcher)


Do you know the pixel art that one guy creations makes


I looked at his project and it looks different than the video because it is isn't the dot design


It's more blocky :black_medium_square:️ compared to :black_circle:


If you want to see my account it is UnderagedCoder™
Thx for your help!


Your welcome! And thank you!
Also yes I have seen the pixel art that one guys creations
Makes :3 also I have started following you back on hopscotch! :3


If your new to pixel art, try making a Mircrosoft or Samsung logo!:grinning:


Thx, I just made one but it was too easy and it wasn't even pixel art


It's helpful to look at code in another hopscotchers pixel art project. I think THT also made a video tutorial. Do you have any specific questions

A link to a pixel art project (basic):

<Pixel Art Ideas>