Pixel Art 'Draw'?



So, basically, there's all these texts, you know, with the squares and stuff right? What if you made a pixel art drawer? Kind of like a regular drawing pad, but instead of colors, you would have those squares with symbols inside of em that you use for pixel art.

I have no idea how to make pixel art, yet make a drawing pad for it, and I'm still not used to the new layout of HS. So I need your guys help to help me build one. This is collab, and now that I think about it, it's pretty simple, just put down a symbol, and whenever you touch the bigger symbol, there's a clone that turns into a smaller one, then you somehow drag that to the place you want to.

I think the problem is for me, is the increase/decrease in size, how to drag the symbol into the area you want it to, and how the heck to use the new layout.

Think you guys can help me out?


Can the pixel go on a grid?
Wait, a grid and a freeform option…
Also, clones are somewhat weird to use, because they can only go up to 512 or so…

You can do:
Set Position to x Last Touch X y Last Touch Y
to do this, but with clones you have to have a Check if for the area it covers!


I think it would look better on a grid, but it would be harder to code. Free form would look messier but as you said, you could put a freeform opt.

So, what would you use beside clones :open_mouth:


You could use trails! It would be pretty hard to change their size by tapping them though…
If you were to use a grid with width-changing pixels, it would have to have a divide/multiply by current width for it and some object's values!


huh I don't get it


Well, maybe it could change the grid and the pixel together?



It worked for me; now I like the new editor!


I thought it was like 212


I made a pixel pad, which even got featured! It had a simple and easy layout! It's called "PIXpad" :D