Pixel Art Contest! Turn in :D (participant's look!)


This is the topic where you turn in your projects.
Don't reply if you don't turn in a project please!
Deadline: Sunday 21th August 11:00 AM eastern time zone

Pixel Art Contest! :D
Pixel Art Contest! :D

Hi @BB-Box! Here is my project-I am a link
Here is a pic too-

It's not going to win though...


When is it due?


Nice :D


My pixel art
It's on another profile because when my battery ran out I had to use my sisters iPad


The deadline is changed!


Okay but I can't improve mine


My ':pizza:Pizza Pixel Art​:pizza:'! https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y6b27wun6! @BB-Box! I finished it.



Is it okay if I don't have a link?


It will be very cool if you finish it!


Here is the topic @bluedogmc-official!
We can start to judge!
@MelodiousParrot can help when s/he is on


Ok! What do you want me to do to help judge?


I haven't really judge a contest before so this is new for me!

Let's give the projects 1-10 points!
You give points and I give points and @MelodiousParrot give points! Then we count it and it get a final score


Ok! Are all the projects turned in here the only ones entering?


No one have turn in there projects



EP125 I would rate a seven. It is a cool, but small pixel art!

Hoped hopers I would rate a 4. Sry, it's just pretty simple.

I have to give Awesomenachos pizza pixel art a full ten. It's amazing and realistic.

These are my scores!


Don't forgot intellection 74's


Where is her finished one? Can I have a picture or a link?


She don't have finish it!
Judge it from the picture


Ok, well the I'm going to go with. 8, because it will look awesome, but it's not finished!