Pixel Art Contest! :D


I'm You Hello guys! (And girls)
Today I wanted to make my own contest so I decided to make a pixel art contest because I like pixel art!
So, in the contest you should do a pixel art that the judges will judge. There will be 3 judges. Me and two others.
Totally 15 peoples can join! I don't want too many peoples to join.

The deadline is to Sunday 21th August 9:00 eastern time zone! That mean that you need to be finish until that. You can turn in your project in a another topic I wil make named: "pixel art contest! turn in." Link: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/pixel-art-contest-turn-in-d/21338?u=bb-box

Ask for more questions!

Hopscotch username?:

Judge form:
Hopscotch username?:
Will you be active?:
Will you judge fair?:

Judges: @BB-Box @bluedogmc-official @MelodiousParrot
(No more judges)

Members: @EP125 @AwesomeNachos @MR.GAM3R @PenguinGaming713 @Rainboom @GoatLord @WinningMonkey @Intellection74

(you can add your own prize)

First place:
follow from all judges
Scrollable website from @HopedHoper
A title from @BuildASnowman
A big pixel art by @BB-Box
A free account on Tapper Rewards with 500 reward points from @EP125
A detailed animal pixel art by @MelodiousParrot
A follow and a trail art request from @RobotPro
A follow, trail art and drawing request from Enchanted
A logo from @William04GamerA
Your very own gif by @Niftynia75

Second place:
follow from two judges
Non scrollable website but complex from @HopedHoper
A free account on Tapper Rewards with 250 reward points from @EP125
A simple(r) pixel art by @MelodiousParrot
A follow from @RobotPro
Your very own gif by @Niftynia75

Third place:
follow from one judge
Normal website from @HopedHoper
A free account on Tapper Rewards with 100 reward points from @EP125
A very simple pixel art by @BB-Box
Ten likes from @RobotPro




Sounds like a cool contest!


Hopscotch username?: Bluedogmc
Will you be active?: Yah!
Will you judge fair?: Yep!


Do you want to join?


@bluedogmc-official, can you help with adding peoples that's joining! Everyone can join.


Judge Form:
Username: PupCow2016 :purple_heart:#TeamUSA
Will you be active: Probably
Will you judge fair: Sure
Dont ask me to do pixel arts, most of the time I fail.


Um, I've only created two pixel arts in all my time on hopscotch (on alt accounts), and they took me quite a while to make, and I'm also quite busy, so no thank you!

But I hope your contest turns out well and people create amazing pixel art! :+1::+1:


@PixelMaster64, I think you should join this


The judges will discuss about the prizes when we have get one more judge


Yep, I can help!


Sounds cool! I'd be happy to give out extra prizes


Feel free to give a prize.


Do you have some ideas for prizes?


Okie dokie BB-B :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!!


You can add it at your self


I can give people follows, Shoutouts, and likes.

Maybe see if any leaders want to award anything?


Can I be a judge please? Thank you!


@BuildASnowman, do you want to give a prize?


If you come with an idea add it. I have make it editable


If there aren't too many people already...
My username is EP125