Pixel Art Commissions

This shop/request is started by me (@Friday) and everything is handled by me, not Hopscotch. You can find other similar self-started events in the #shops-and-requests or #competitions-and-events categories, or even start one yourself. Because this is started by me, Hopscotch and the forum leaders are not involved or responsible in any of the transactions here.
(Disclaimer ^)

Taking Pixel Art Requests!!!

Status - Actively taking requests :white_check_mark:

What is this?

This is an exchange—I’ll make a pixel art for forum spamlikes, shoutouts, seeds, or a project of some kind.

User FAQ

Q. What will you accept?
A. Although I will most likely accept all requests, I reserve the right to reject a request without needing to explain why.

Q. When’s the deadline to pay?
A. There’s no deadline for either party to fulfill their end of the transaction, but I may hound you if you forget to fulfill your end of the transaction :eyes:

Q. When will you finish my request?
A. I’ll try to complete at least one pixel art a week, so please do not ask about your request until that point. I’ll also try to do them in order, but if I’m having special difficulty with a certain request, I may postpone it for a bit (I’ll be sure to inform the requester if that happens)*

Q. Who can submit a request?
A. As long as you do not have a pending request, anyone is free to make a request ^~^


Disclaimer: while there will be no visual differences between manual and semiautomatic pixel art, even down to the Hopscotch code, the methods I employ to generate the strings are, and so is the amount of time and effort consumed into their creation.

Manual pixel art -

I will be using no external methods for these, which mean they can potentially take much longer than my larger ones. Please provide a template I may use if you submit this type of pixel art.

  • 25x25 (625 pixels) or smaller
  • 50x50 (2500 pixels) or smaller
  • 100x100 (10000 pixels) or smaller

Semiautomatic pixel art

For these, I will be pixelating an image with Pixel Stitch, and using VBA macros on Excel (the code of which was devised entirely by me) to automatically generate the strings for each line. I’ll then copy/paste the strings into my Hopscotch code. While this takes considerably less time than manually inputting it, an average of five or six hours of hard labor is required to create this. Supplying an image for this type of pixel art is appreciated, but entirely optional.

  • 100x100 (10000 pixels) or smaller
  • 200x200 (40000 pixels) or smaller
  • 400x400 (160000 pixels) or smaller

Order Form

Why should I do this?

Filling out this short form will make life so much easier for both parties involved, so please do. At the end, place your template or image (if applicable) in a dropdown

Forum Username -
Product -
Payment* -

*As a general rule, refer to the Standard Prices section below, although I will consider alternative payments (such as an art pad, a pixel art, etc.)


My order form

Forum Username - Friday
Product - 100x100 semiautomatic
Payment - 5 seeds

Here’s the image I want you to use

(Pretend this is a picture of a super cute dog)

Standard prices

To be added soon!


(Stealing first, may use this in the future~)


Can I buy 50*50 pixel art for 2 shout outs


Sure! What do you want it to be of? (You can also supply an image of a pixel art you want me to make)

The second shoutout can go to @/SilverSong.


Can you do the pixel art of an ocean


Okay, I’ll post it here when I’m done. Do you want me to tag you?


Yes. also for the shouts outs. Do I shout out your user or forum name


Whichever you feel you should do. Probably my username on the app since that’s what I’m known by on there~


Ok. I will get started on the project in an hour


Sounds good! There’s no deadline for either of us :wink:


Ooh! Could I have a 50 by 50 for 2 shoutouts? I would spamlike but I’ve already liked most of your posts lol. If so, could it be Sylveon? :3


Yes! The other shoutout can be for @/Dylan329~


Alright! 2 in one project, or one project each?


This seems cool! Could I buy the 50x50 pixel art for 2 shoutouts? If so, could it be a pixel art of a penguin?


One project each~

Okay! The second shoutout can go to @/RoadOcean~


could i buy a 25x25 pixel art of boba tea? (im obsessed lol)

ima pay with a shoutout, just to clarify tho this is a shoutout on the app?


After I figure out who boba tea is, I will :))

Yeah, but you can mention the forum, if you want. This goes for all the shoutouts~


boba tea is a drink :bubble_tea: and it looks like that
its taiwanese, and it has little tapioca bubbles in ot and its delicious


Oh, I know what that is. I never knew it was called that xP

After I finish earlier commissions, I’ll do yours ;))


I am done with shout outs

Pretty Simple