Pity and attention craving accounts



Lately, I've noticed a huge increase in pity accounts saying "I was born without legs" etc. etc. (This topic excludes real accounts that are telling the truth like choco) They fill up the trending tab, and you can't find any actual coding that should be on trending instead of this. It started off with maybe one or two accounts, and they seemed pretty believable. Then, ALL THE SUDDEN all of these "new" users come onto Hopscotch claiming they should be pitied. These accounts are not telling the truth, and they're just made for attention. Please, don't let hopscotch become some community where people will do anything for attention.

Sincerely, a very annoyed Tori the Crafter :yellow_heart:


even if they are telling the truth, hopscotch is not a place for pity and I 100% agree


I've noticed this too! I was going to say something, but I'm to lazy. Lol. I don't know if it's true or not!


Still what would be the point of making these accounts on a coding app?


What if you are new?


Yeah! There are also a lot of "Does anyone want to be my friend" projects! They all want pity and they say they have no friends!


Idk, what do u mean?


What if s/he is new


Does anyone notice that these accounts all came about the same time? I mean, seriously! It may be the same person! Also, I had a weird thought that their teacher told them all to ask for friends. (Idek)


Well you shouldn't join hopscotch if all you want is to be pitied


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I never thought about that, but it could be possible that it's one person making multiple accounts to get attention


I should've made a topic about this, but you did a better job than I ever would've done.

How do these people know how to make the HSB rainbow backgrounds?


I've noticed! This morning, I was scrolling through Trending, and I only saw two projects that were actual code, t1's Rainbow avatar draw and Escape the room 3. I was going to make a topic, but you did much better. The first project was believable, but then there was this huge flood of them.


I agree with all of you guys. This is not okay.
It is filling up trending, and we can't see any coding projects in there anymore.

If you see these projects, please report them and email THT about the situation


I noticed this earlier too!

The born without a leg one, too!


Yeah, I saw this one and reported all the projects. It doesn't deserve that much likes.



I reported all of the user's projects (they were very similar, all pity projects), because I'm sure they're lies. It's too much stuff that shouldn't be in Hopscotch and is very unlikely for all that to all happen to one person.


People like Choco, LP, and me don't tell people for pitty. We tell people because it dramatically changed our lifestyle, and it can help explain why we were not as much (I have SCA, or sudden cardiac arrest, but I can't really do anything to stop it so I'm just kind of living life hoping my heart decides to stay alive).

And for people who actually need support, they can't get any because people can't tell if there pitty people or not.


I've only found three pity accounts, "I hate life", "please help." And "-MintCream-". MintCream seems too good a coder to be new. Or am I just confused about her?