Piskelapp - A free online sprite maker



This website enables you to draw your own sprites
A pc is required to use Piskelapp
You can also make animated gifs with your sprites, as well as upload and edit your own pics.
This site is easy to use and is good for making sprites to use in the latest version of Hopscotch

You can also download the offline version to use on a pc or mac

This is the download link for Windows.

This is the download link for Mac

This is a simple animated sprite bomb gif I made with Piskelapp


Can u put more than 6 slides?


Yes, I only made 7 frames with the bomb gif.
And set the speed to 1 frame per second.


I am on an iPad does that change things?


I don't know. I'm using a pc.


Cool! If your using your Mac, how do you put it on Hopscotch?


This looks super cool! I'll try it out when I get back to my computer later today :slight_smile:


Dis is sooooo cool @Stradyvarious.


Looks amazing! I'll try it out on my computer later!


I just found this yesterday!
That's a strange coincidence... :000

It's really cool! Making a topic was a great idea, this could be really helpful! :D

Could I make a tutorial for using it/exporting it to HS, and include a link to this topic?


Yes thats fine if you want to make that topic.
I made a topic to post sprites made with piskelapp so anyone on the forum can use them. Just copy save the image by pressing the image and "Save Image"


When you make the tutorial, can you also show how an entire level can be drawn as a sprite. Like draw a large sprite of a volcano and have frames with burning rocks rising up and falling down to the screen bottom edge.
A game could be made where a character has to run left and right to dodge the burning rocks falling from the volcano.
The volcano and rocks can be drawn together as 1 massive sprite instead of having to draw and code for each rock individually.
I think most users don't realize the huge possibilities that can be done with Pisklapp

@Liza Could you make a mention of Piskelapp on your next topic/post and briefly mention how great it is to use for making and animating your own sprites