Pirate war collab(@Tromax)


I've started a game where you move a pirate ship along the bottom of the screen and you fire cannons at distant pirate ships. The cannon balls rise up then down and shrink to look like they are moving into the distance.
You like coding stats so you could code for extra cannons ,diiferent cannon balls, better ships,gold etc.

Reply when you read and tell if you're interested.


Well I do like stats hehe, yeah sure, I'm in.
Just advance on the project today and tomorow as I have no free time.
Afterwards I will be able to work.


Sorry I put you on the spot @TromaxTheDestroyer
I'm in no hurry.
When you are not too busy you can assist.
The ship in the distance fires at the player.


Ok, so there are some things we need to get done:
1- Make the ship move by sliding the Ipad left and right to evade enemy cannon balls
2- Make the enemy move and shoot.
And then we will think of more



The enemy boat disappears when hit.
Nothing happens to your ship when it.

The code works but is a mess.
I coded for the cannonballs size/moves in one list.
It would be much easier having 2 separate code lists.
You can fix this if you want.
The enemy cannonball value sets to 1 when falling.
This makes it attack.
Check the code and code for when the enemy cannonball hits the players ship.
You can recode the controls and make whatever changes you want.
Delete :red_circle: in edit.
The enemy ship fires vaguely in your direction when you are to the left/right of the enemy ship.
You could make the players ship slower to increase difficulty.

Also the players cannonball value sets to 1 when falling and only causes damage when falling.
This is to make sure an enemy ship in the distance doesn't get hit when the ball touches the ship until the players cannonball is smaller and coming down.
I know you have good ideas for money/health/weapons etc.
Some ideas you can use if you want.

Have treasure chests float towards the players ship when an enemy ship is destroyed
Be able to buy more cannons to fire 2-3 cannonballs at a time.
Buy stronger ships/faster ships.
Have a large squid/sea monster to fight like a boss battle.


I did a better job of firing the cannon on Tynker after learning my mistakes coding on Hopscotch.


How are things going with this pirate war collab?
Can you show some pics of what you've done so far?


Okay, I am finnally here.
Sorry I haven't actually worked on the project, and I couldn't.
I just finished a huge exam (2nd most important of the year).



Sorry i just wanted to do that