Pink for October! #inoctoberwecodepink


Hey guys! I know it's a month all about Halloween, but October is also breast cancer awareness month.

I'm making my profile pic pink, and I can make your pic pink if you want to!

I know many of you would rather be celebrating Halloween but cancer is a big thing, and we need to support breast cancer survivors and people who have it this month also!

So make pink projects, ask me to make your profile pic pink, whatever. #inoctoberwecodepink

If you can help pink-ify profile pics, edit yourself here:

Why are hopscotchers changing there profile to pink loop ones

Can you make mine pink!


I already have pink standing out in my profile pic!

Great idea!


Cool Idea!
Can you make my profile pic pink?
That would be great!


my tongue is already pink :laughing:


Sure! I will do it soon!


I don't know why

But the first thing that popped in my head after I read this topic was

Mean Girls


I'll help with some. :D


People who can help make profile pics pink:
If you want your profile pink, tag them! (Edit yourself in if you can help)





Thank you!



can you make mine pink?


Yah sure!



thanks! :smiley:


What app or website do you use?


Can someone do my profile pic pink?


I drew it a few days ago for a drawing topic. But it's PINK!!!!!! :wink:




Yeah! And now I'll just search for pictures of pink cats...