Pingu rocks! :-)


@Pingu rocks!

She's a really cool person and very nice and is the BESTTTTTT coder!!:blush:

@moderators don't reveal who I am and no guessing plz I am just a fan acc!

@pingu ur rlly nice you deserve to be game changers with all of ur projects




Welcome/ sort of :D

I'm a big fan of Pingu too!

To be more hopscotch related do you want to make some things on hopscotch for Pingu?


I have an account of course

I will


Sounds great!


Are you pingu,huggingfluffybear,orsmishsmash?


I don't think Pingu would make a fan account for herself...


Yeah I know it's just like 0.1 percent chance idk why I said it :stuck_out_tongue:


It's not me :D

I only have 1 forum account!



Thank you so much! ;u;
It's so nice- omg I can't even-
*Falls off chair


Wut I was sleeping while this was going on XD


I'm interested to see this persons IP address


Aww! :3

This is so nice! :D

I bet @Pingu loves what you're doing c:

Like @smishsmash said, you should make projects on HS for her! c:

I bet she'll love that too! :D
I know I would XD



Yah. ur right, mind reader :0



Thenks very moch fren. XD


Kind of welcome!!!

You are so right btw about @Pingu!!
You are awesome too!

I wonder if I know your other acc… do I? :thinking:


Thanks you! :D


You're welcome!


This is very true @Pingu=awesomeness


Omg thank you so much :D


No, thank you @Pingu