Pin your favorite projects - plus other HS Community ideas

Ideas galore!

Bouncing off of the idea from @Stella Hopscotch should have folders in which you could categorize your drafts by type, so it’s easier to locate projects you’re working on (especially if you work on many many at the same time). This is a fabulous idea, and will be so useful!

I want to take it a step further, and I think you’re going to like it. (Especially relating to the sharing packaged code update coming later this year)

I am super excited for all the new coding features coming to Hopscotch. I’ve come up with a few ideas for user interface, that may help the overall community experience.

Your own personal channels

What is this? Alongside seeing someone’s published projects, you’ll be able to see how they categorize their work:

  • look at their art channel to only view their art
  • look at their games channel to only view their games
  • look at their packages channel to see their most useful snippets
  • look at their pinned channel to see the projects they are most proud of, or the one they’re trying to promote! ← love this

Imagine, publishing a project, and channeling it into your own custom channel! I feel like this feature will help your soon to be followers get to know you better, and what you create.

But get this, not only can they channel the projects in their published category, what if they could be able to do this with their favorites category as well!

Sort and Curate your favorite projects made by others

I click the like button on Hopscotch a lot. And sometimes, I wish I could put very memorable projects that I played in a special place.

Imagine, now others can see:

  • my favorite art
  • my favorite puzzles
  • my favorite platformer games
  • my favorite code snippets
  • friend’s projects that I want to promote
  • projects that inspired me the most
  • projects I recently seeded

I feel like this would help me keep track of the projects I love most.

Project descriptions and reviews

It’d be wonderful to add descriptions to your own projects, so people can understand what you’re project is and how to play, and get excited about it!

This idea may be a hard one to sell, since it’s yet another thing to moderate (unless to add a description you must spend mushrooms, or you can only add a description after n-likes or after a feature, to make it less common)

My other idea was to also add reviews on projects in your favorites (your reviews would only be viewable in your favorites) to share why you loved the project, what was memorable or inspiring.

Lastly, search engine filters

There are millions of published projects, and there are so many great ones! Sometimes I remember a really good one from a long time ago, but I’ve forgotten the name of it, sadly making it nearly impossible to find again. I’m suggesting adding search filters to help with this:

Filter your search:

  • Search for projects made by a specific user
  • Search for projects from those you have followed
  • Search for projects with a certain amount of likes
  • Search for projects within channels (i.e. featured)
  • Search for projects that are remixes (or not remixes)
  • Search for projects that you have liked
  • Search for projects that you have played
  • Most Helpful: Search for projects published before or after or on a specific date
  • Search for a title that begins in, ends in, or contains a specific word

Sorting results:

  • Results sorted by release date (new to old / old to new)
  • Results sorted by like count
  • Results sorted by play count
  • Results sorted by plant count
  • Results sorted by remix count
  • Results sorted alphabetically by title

Before you go, take this poll!

Select you’re favorite options- what do you want to see, any or all? Thank you for reading and voting!

  • Personal Custom Channels
  • Personal Pinned Project
  • Save drafts in folders
  • Channels for projects you have Favorited
  • Project Descriptions
  • Project Reviews
  • More Search Filters
  • Sorted Search Results
  • We love you, Hopscotch Team! :heart_eyes:

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Nice build-up! These ideas are all cool!

Also it should be for categorising published projects into folders as well. This makes it easier for others to find what they’re looking for.


These are really amazing!

For now I think we can use the open project block for this ^^. But yeah… that’s not ideal…


You’ve brought up a bunch of cool and interesting ideas here. Some have already been mentioned before (like the comments feature), but nonetheless, they all sound cool!