Pika Clan (Accepting any ages!)


I am making my own clan! To join you must follow the requirements!


  • Must be sort of mature.
  • Must kinda like Pokemon

If you would like to join just say! We will have contests, and more!!


Leader: @Paydent12
Co leader: @iReesesCup
Elder(s): @Sugarisyummy, @Stick88


I mast be part of le pika clan

I mast


You are in!! :D


.-. All of the clans are eleven or older im only 9.I would love to join but I cant


You can join cause you my friend :slight_smile:


And i changed it. No more age limit :slight_smile:


@iReesesCup lol


Thank you I can't thank you enough


Tru dat


Never said you had to be VERY MATURE


I want to be in this now! .#pika for life