Pieces of Code People are Proud of


So guys... remember when you were newbs? Did you make any code that you were proud of creating before you even knew it existed? I know I did... specifically a touch release code I created utilizing variables.


I was proud of my Escape the Room game :D

It was my first publish :D


hello raccoon
did u see the new geico ad
'it's what you do'


I was proud of my HAHA bit of my first ever project, the way the text moved left and shrunk.


I'm proud of my



my first big project isn't finished yet because the code keeps crashing my ipad

so i'm proud of it? but i also kind of hate it?? because why must you be so laggy??????





My first code on an old account was an emoji wave. I was amazed that I could create something like that so quickly!


I was so proud when I figured out in my first level how to create a directional pad :joy: