Pie maker for pi day


I make pie in hopscotch to honor pi day please request flavor so I can make me


When is pi day? I remember one time on scratch they talked about it...


You know the number pi:3.14159... When'll tomorrow is 3-14 so it's pi day


Tomorrow! You know how the digits of pi are 3.14? Well pi day is 3/14!


March 14.

Because the first three numbers of pie is 3.14 . (Third month, fourteenth day)

So tomorrow. :smile:


Flavor: Chocolate
Tray: Light blue
Extras: Whipped cream


Ha @PercyJackson9 beat me but I beat @RobotPro! :joy:


Last year it was cool because I celebrated on 3-14-15 @ 9:26 so pi day


In hopscotch, right?


Example of pie=
pi day pie example


Anyone? Please


Can you do a mint chocolate chip one?


Sure, I can


@Dude73's pie
Sorry for the typo


Thank you so much! And the typo doesn't matter, I don't take offense from that Type of stuff. :grinning: