Pictures to Pixels pixel art contest!


Welcome to the Pictures to Pixels pixel art contest!

In this pixel art contest we will either give you a picture to recreate as pixel art, we will give you a theme in which you will choose a picture to recreate in pixel art, or we will let you choose any picture to recreate as pixel art. The contest will be round based, consisting of many rounds with one to two people eliminated each round. Have fun and good luck!


•Only one entry per round. •Entries must have at least 50 pixels •Maximum of three people in a collab effort •If in a collab, you may make one entry in that collab and one by yourself. •If someone helps you but does not actively make code in your project, they do not count as part of your collab. •If someone does help you with your pixel art, tell us in your project. •If you are judging, you may still enter a pixel art, just you will not be able to judge it.


•Do not choose inappropriate pictures. •Give credit to the artist if using a drawing as your picture. •You may request willing people to draw you a picture to be used here (On this topic) on the drawing topic (Drawing on paper compared to an IPad (shading, shaping, etc) Topic 12 [OFFICAL]) •Please keep your pictures in the theme if we give your one


If you want to judge, fill this out: Will I judge when needed? Will I follow the judging scale when judging? Will I not be biased?

Judging Scale

Similarity to picture 25 points Shown effort 25 points Attention to detail 25 points Correct coloration 25 points Each judge will choose out of twenty five how well each entry did in each category. Then we shall see their total score. The person who got the least amount of points on their project gets eliminated.


Enter by posting a link of your entry down below. Tag me
on your entry so I can see it. Enter in between August 31 and September 30 to be included in the first round. You may not enter in this contest if it is past the first round.

Picture choosers

Picture choosers choose if the round will be a round where competitors may choose a picture, with or without theme, or if the competitors do not get to choose the picture. They also choose what the picture will be if the competitors do not get to choose their picture.

Thanks for reading. Good luck!


I’d like to join this and actually get through it :smiley:


I forgot to add the form for picture choosers. Here it is:
Will I choose appropriate Pictures?
Will I choose a variety of different pictures and round types?


Would you also like to be a judge and/or picture chooser?


Nope, I’ll just compete


I’ll compete fill fill


I would like to compete. Whether I finish or not is the question.


@OMTL because I forgot


Please re read the OMTL guidelines.

Click on the the OMTL tag.

One of them is to use it in the post you want people to see.


I’ll join! :slight_smile:


Sorry, but will there be any prizes? :D


so what is the theme?


I think it isn’t out yet… :thinking:




Oops sorry. It wasnt working there.


The theme is back to school.


I’d like to enter!!!