Pictures in Hopscotch



Awesome idea! If we could take pictures on hopscotch that would amazing! Also seeing a list of followers was good too.


I think hopscotch should have a gallery of pictures you can use.


I agree with both of you!


Interesting suggestions and I know people have been asking for them. But there are a few issues:

  • With uploading pictures, people might upload inappropriate stuff so we have to be able to moderate pictures (which will take a lot of time if everyone's uploading pictures)

  • If we can see a whole list of followers, people will want to post them. I know they want to thank them, but think about people who don't have a lot of followers. How might this make them feel?

Pleas add the following things in new Update

I was thinking a number,


or before the photo get uploaded it's sent to the hopscotch team or a moderator to be checked