PIctures in Hopscotch!



So you probably know that EnchantedHopscotcher made a project called " Whale ". I want to know how to do something like that. I look at code and try to figure it out but it doesn't help. Please help! P.S, does EnchantedHopscotcher have a forum account?


Just try your best! :3

Practice makes almost perfect! :0


Take out a Draw a Trail block and put blocks that move objects (move forward, change _ by) inside it! The trail follows the movement, and if you only used 1 block, you have a straight line! You can make them be set at an angle with the Set Angle block, if you want them to be more complex!
Here's a simple trail art by Murphy​:smiley_cat::
It uses only circles, which are created with (any blocks that moves objects) and 1 in the bubble!
EnchantedHopscotcher is @EnchantedAnimallover by the way!


I believe @EnchantedAnimallover is EnchantedHopscotcher.


Hi! I'm EnchantedHopscotcher!

Which part are you talking about?


I'm talking about the whale. Sorry for the late reply.:whale::whale2:



I'm talking about which part of the whale! c:


Sorry about that, I just mean the entire whale, the code and how to create something like that.