Picture Regulations!



So, here is my idea of what shared photos, profile pictures, user cards, and backgrounds should generally be.

You can set a photo of yourself as what you'd like, but is really isn't recommended!

Some users do have photos of themselves as their profile photos, but they are far older. Personally, I think it's a bad idea.

However, what (in my opinion) is and should be allowed?

I think it is okay to show photos of, for example, your hands or feet. @AvocadoDont and I both shared photos of our hand and foot art!


This, I think, is okay because nobody could know you by your hand.

What do you guys think?


i think your hand is okay, just not your face. I personally would not share anything of me, but I think it's fine.


Yeah, I agree!

I have a feeling I'm being flagged right now xD


whats on your hand