Picture import question for the Hopscotch team!



If you're gonna add picture import can you please make it so entities can change pictures in-game? Maybe using set text blocks? It would be super useful for animations and gifs! You could make a changing background. It could be a 3D room... Jump scares would be scary!


Is this on the beta how did you do that?


I edited screenshots! :wink: I do not have the beta...


You should get the beta @MagmaPOP! Just email The Hopscotch Team at help@gethopscotch.com.


magmaPOP does have the beta.


cuz he hides secrets!


Oh, ok @hopscotch_king.


Why would I lie about not having the ability to test stuff before other people do? @hopscotch_king


That would be good so could post some of my animations. Thanks for the idea MagmaPOP!


oh. i thought i saw magmapop-beta on the beta.


Is that account exists its not me... :confused:


ok its a fake. now i know.


Its true someone on the beta is saying that they are you


Nah don't be worried. Everyone does that. A guy in my class named himself pi studios but with a period.



Cool idea and awesome mockup! It would be a great additional feature to photo import (of course with that, photos would need to be moderated somehow).

It would be cool also if we could do this with the Hopscotch characters, like "Set Text/Character to Bear" code for Cupcake for example, if you wanted to transform Cupcake into Bear. The Hopscotch Team has the "Set Character" idea in mind by the way.


Someone on the beta is pretending to be you.:grimacing:


Whoops I didn't read the previous messages


Great idea! Peeps pls l:eyes:k


I don't think we should add importing photos, because it would get so out of control with memes, there would be NOOO coding. :neutral_face: