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Feh is celebrating its 2nd anniversary and a feature of this is a free 5 star seasonal hero. i was initally excited bc camilla was a blue unit in the banner but i got lyn. I dislike lyn a lot so im still disappointed.

Made her into a hero manual which is just her skills so i dont see her in my lobby


pwease valentines ike come home


Hey shive i have 2 horse chroms. Ones Atk+ and the other is Res+. Thankfully due to the update when you merge an ally they wont have a flaw. However idk which + iv to have. Which ones better?


probably get +atk, his HP isn’t really up for any tanking and he mainly relies on one-shotting dragons anyway
he’s a horse so his main role is to rush in, get a hit in, and rush out


Ah ok thanks!

Hows your summoning going on?


Greil watch out the black knights right next to you! Oh my god he has airpods in he cant hear me. Oh god


However they do have a group chat and its somewhat chaotic. 3 usernames
Are ‘sweet victory’, ‘sick. Rool mode’ and ‘mo bowser’

Some fighters are inanimate objects like how piranha plant is a random potted plant, R.O.B is well a robot, mr game and watch is somebody’s crude drawing of a man and palutena is a hatsune miku body pillow someone bought as a joke


Kirbs is known for being in very very odd situations (for example she had to confront the ‘queen bee’ of a clique in another college because her ex bf kidnapped akane to help him because she’s getting annoying) so the others tease her for every slightly odd situations they’re in as being a normal friday for her


kirbs also once dealt with:

  • demonic possession multiple times
  • fixing someone’s car and then being betrayed by them
  • uncovering a doomsday cult
  • probably took down a company (and watched the ceo’s daughter pawn some sort of super computer)


kirbs, holding a gun: haha i’ve been in a lot of situations but i’ve never assassinated a corrupt politician before :)!


Y-yeah galeem and dharkon are corrupt politicians in this

an angsty owain idea

Set in the same world where priam and chrom meet early, owain has ophelia and teaches her swords instead of magic

After owain has been gone for a month, he returns but he’s slightly skittish. Immediately the next day he is overcome with unbearable pain. Ophelia notices when she hears a loud thump and calls for lissa

lissa looks at him, notices hes having trouble breathing and standing up and recognises the condition as ‘hels disease’ named after how hel’s victims deal with pain so unbearable that they can barely breathe or stand up while they die

Unfortunately theres no current cure as hels disease is actually a side effect from very strong dark tomes and noone in the shepherds is strong enough to cure him, plegia, the only place with a known cure, is still war torn and neither henry nor tharja knew of it. Its fatal and kills in 7-9 days.

Ophelia, determined to not let her dear father die alone, spends the last week with her father. He gets quieter and quieter which unsettles her and she cant even rest on the fact he died without pain.

While on a journey with lucina’s group, the nouveau shepherds, they end up in helheim, where she meets her now half skeleton father

After confronting him she cries in his arms and owain is trying to comfort her but is crying as well.

They both vow to meet again someday even when the risen are not around

Yeah based off of a one shot i did


is this good? idk if it is


ngl i only know arianda grande from cat valentine and



shive from your tags i assume you found a group of people to play dnd with and im happy that you’re happy and out with other people in a hobby you enjoy

Im a bit better i dont wanna share too many details cause i dont wanna overshare


Stahl is a cavlier with muscles and love! Innes muscles are filled with spite and rivalry.

Pwease summer stahl

We were robbed of an angel getting an alt


you can TELL the artist had to switch last minute from stahl or someone with muscle mass to innes. innes has like -3 defense he has no muscle? he doesn’t have flesh??


one of my neighbors invited me to their house twice to play dnd, the last time was over a month ago but yeah !!
i’m sorry hh ;;

also please dont be afraid to overshare, im totally here for listening and replying if you want


Ah ok!

I meant i didnt want to be oversharing to protect myself? Im happy you’re listening to my rambles but at the same time i need to remain safe from people online. Need to keep some anonymousness.

Thats what i meant? Sorry if i seemed rude but i do want to protect myself.


Stahl has muscles from being a cavalier horse dude and friendly. He’s also hungry all the time so :eyes:

Innes is just spite. He doesnt have any cells hes spite