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So who did you summon on your second free 5 star hero thing?


thinking about, just, like, the characters hangin out? fooling around? about taunting and ducking back and forth during the game? love that


i got a ny!gunnthra, so im pretty stoked abt it!! i havent levelled her Yet but :eyes:


Ahhhh lucky! Shes cute

tbh i just made lyn into a hero manual bc i…dont care?


god that’s so powerful, holy cow


Yea like that but also like…a little bit of a story as well? I love this…

And the two hand guys as characters? Idk i had a big brainstorm


when summer camills comes home ill give her the gift weapon

its kinda like…just to flex on camilla-haters-lyn-lovers in my mind bc i KNOW summer camilla is just a drink weapon to everybody


Gunnthra is pretty in a way and im happy you got her!


yeah! ! ! they say lyn’s a good unit and she is but then they reduce camilla to just fanservice?
and it’s like. yeah, intsys reduces her to fanservice. but that’s bad. reducing camilla to fanservice is bad. don’t fight that by then turning her into fanservice in your own head, yknow? ??

lyn’s a good unit but so is summer camilla. yeah lyn has a unique playstyle but so does summer camilla!! and summer camilla’s art is, just saying, So Pretty


Yeah imo lyns honestly kinda overrated? Like she’s good but fanservice wise she isnt any better than camilla. You can easily turn lyn into a fanservice character because legs.

I agree intsys turning camilla (and tharja despite me not liking her) into fanservice is bad but dont say that lyn is ‘waifu’ in the same sentence as camilla is trash

Lyn may have her own playstyle as an armoured unit but i love camilla more and have a lonely summer fred. They both have pretty art but lyns is pretty in a sorta painterly way(?) while camilla is…beautiful.

What i got

It starts out when Maria (yeah im using the ettes for some of them because i like them but they have names) organises a small party with 7 buddies: her buff gf, that weird kid that looks like a hipster but acts far from one, a girl that looks like she stepped out of a magical girl anime, her sister (that they both joke she commits tax evasion due to a monopoly game), a mechanist/suspected furry and uh…someone into something ending with -mon.

Some other people come by: her cowardly sister, another person into something ending with -mon that looks like they stepped out of a magical girl anime, a very weird lady who doesnt reveal her face and a random kid.

Whew this is a lot but its the start


Its not done yet

Some more characters involved

After a few weeks, kirbs suggests that maria should invite some more people. She agrees and invited some more friends but also branching out a little, adding p


If you want to help you can suggest some names if you want? All i have is maria and kirbs…

Edits: also akane for dedede and kurumi for kawasaki


The assist trophies are guys that watch but also pop in occasionally to help out. Kurumi for example, is one of the few who knows how to cook and cooks.

Theres this extremely lanky gal that just whacks people with a tennis racket and sometimes shes banned


Idk i find it all so hypocritical in a way


so what seasonal units do ya have shive?

Short little attempt at a fredmilla story

Camilla was lying on the grass. It was clold enough in askr that she needed a coat but she didnt mind, the cold reminded her of nohr anyway.

She took a sip of her drink which, oddly enough, was also her weapon. Some people questioned how but she just winked and smiled at them. A lady’s gotta have some secrets after all!

“Pardon me, Camilla” She heard footsteps running through the frost and looked up. It was her partner summer frederick, though he had some odd markings below his eyes. He seemed to be running toward her with…a gift?

“Why are you in a rush , my dear freddy bear?” She loved seeing him blush a bit at the nickname. “Well, the summoner recently made a new manual and, well…i’d thought you’d like this.” He handed her the gift. It was wrapped in a beautiful blue wrapping paper, with a ribbon tied around it. “Frederick…” “Well since we’ve been partners for a few months now i wanted to…give you a little something-”

Camilla stood up and kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you so much freddy dear!” He blushed more, the markings below his eyes turning slightly red. Camilla giggled as frederick tried to regain his composure. “Maybe one day i should take you to nohr’s day of devotion. You could take home a little souvenir for the shepherds perhaps?

what i hope to do someday…sigh…


I got Soren!

How’s your Ike hunting going?



Congrats on soren though!


You better listen to me lyndis fire emblem. cause i only going to say this once. step foot into my household to say hewwo and i will end you on the spot. You will become nothing but your weapon. And i will gift your remains to people who i want in my household. Do you understand me. You will never see the light of day