Pick a god and pray i guess- Amiibotrash’s third general topic



i might do diddette yet though i havent decided on her weapon yet

maybe something to do with this guy cause its the year of the pig?

Idk why but i dont trust him


i dont trust him either. . … disgosting … .

maybe a stick with a lantern on it? i guess that’s classed as a club / axe according to fe logic


Yeah maybe

Theres an evil pig guy in diddy kong racing…some of the more obscure dk characters are interesting to say…


“what year’s it?”

“year of the pig! year of friendship, pride, fun, and --”



“I preferred year of the monkey”


Heres diddette! The lantern stick is relatively short

i…show older diddette by putting that cheek scar there




the flower and the qipao and the ponytail are such a Look


Thanks so much…

She’s with bayo and they’re having a good time



This is the best classic mode picture

I like to think chrom stayed laying there after lucina’s trailer and when he woke up it was time to announce the newcomers for smash 5 and everybody just crowded around him clapping.


Mario looks so out of place in this hsdgfnjffgj


He’s a fire emblem character dont be mean to him


why does thrasir say ‘i cant…die’ you’re already DEAD


Ah to be a nintendo youtuber…looking through games to add to my collection


Picking up Olafs Frozen Adventure For The Nintendo 3DS for my friend…for a bad game collab…splurging in a bit of hedonism


due to the current political climate i will become half a hedonist


Whenever i see kawasaki in smash i let out a little gasp of joy!

My son! My round, lorge peanut son


Yep. Idk which you’re talking about but theres a lotta littol round people

Yeah at least 3 times. Poor guy must have some trauma

There was a stream to raise money for a british trans charity and the voice actor for donkey kong said ‘trans rights, ok!’

He sure is!!!!!!

From what i remember there are at least 13ish but theres a lot. Though just 5 are used nowadays. Hm

They’re funky little guys who assist you im battle by fighting like usual or being an annoyance to everybody. Chef Kawasaki is. The best though. I love him.

Theres also funky kong sprite cranberry asmr though it assumes you’re a dude.

Not all of them! They’re vauge long bodied reptiles cause i cant tell if they’re crocodiles or alligators. Idk where they are in the donkey kong cinematic universe though. Theres instruments and vikings in the latest two games

He destroys gods and is a pink marshmallow mature games dont hide the fact that their characters are gritty and edgy kirby literally has ifinite power


So since i got lyn my future summer camilla will get a little welcome home gift from me :)))


idk why i love the smash bros forbidden karaoke au so much i literally had a small brainstorm last night about characters and their names